"Holy Orders is the sacrament through which the mission entrusted by Christ to his apostles continues to be exercised in the Church until the end of time: thus it is the sacrament of apostolic ministry. It includes three degrees: episcopate, presbyterate, and diaconate" (Catechism of the Catholic Church 1536).

Every single one of us has a special role to play in God’s plan for the salvation of all the world. We have all been given gifts and talents that are not intended only for ourselves; God always intended that those gifts be shared. Some have been called to become married persons and parents. They may also serve some role in the public sector of work, using their gifts to benefit others and give glory to God. Others are called upon to become consecrated religious brothers and sisters or priests through the laying on of hands (Acts 6:6; Acts 13:3; 1 Timothy 4:14).

In the Maronite Church, married men are permitted to be ordained as priests, though men who are already ordained can no longer marry. The Maronite Church has only one seminary in the whole United States serving both our eparchies, located in Washington DC near Silver Spring, Maryland. The seminary's website is maroniteseminary.org.


Knowing God’s call in your life is a process of discernment. It can be hard to know where we are being called upon to use our gifts. Our eparchy provides a website to help: vineyardofthelord.org. Additionally, we have a seminarian of our own that would be delighted to help in your discernment. For those who truly feel a call to the religious life or to the priesthood, or who would simply like to know more about Eastern Christianity, contact the parish office at (630) 932-9640 to speak with our priest. It would be our pleasure to provide you with guidance.

Besides priesthood, we have two Maronite monasteries for monks and two convents for sisters in the US for those called to a vocation in a religious community.

Maronite Monks of Adoration in MA: maronitemonks.org

Maronite Monks of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in WA: maronitemonastery.com

Maronite Servants of Christ the Light in MA: maroniteservants.org

Antonine Sisters in OH: antoninevillage.org

If you would like to financially support our seminarians and donate to their formation, please consider joining the Order of St. Charbel. You can find more information about the Order on their website: orderstsharbel.org.

Prayer for increased vocations

God our Father, who wills that all men be saved and come to the knowledge of your Truth: we beg you to send laborers into your harvest, and grant them grace to speak your Word with all boldness; so that your Word may spread and be glorified, and all nations may know you, the only God, and him whom you have sent, Jesus Christ your Son, Our Lord. Amen.

Prayer to St. Joseph to know one's vocation

Great St. Joseph, you were completely obedient to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Obtain for me the grace to know the state of life that God in his providence has chosen for me. Since my happiness on earth and perhaps even my final happiness in heaven depends on this choice, let me not be mislead in making it. Obtain for me the light to know God's will, to carry it out faithfully, and to choose the vocation which will lead me to a happy eternity. Amen.


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